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Is this for real?


Are you sure it's not a scam? I've been waiting for awhile for my tees, which makes me nervous.

Yes! We're all business owners and designers who work in Southern/Central Colorado (you can take a look at our individual businesses through the links on our About page) who decided to join forces to make a bigger impact on the wildfire relief than what we can do individually.

We're basically profitable, reputable businesses banding together to do good. Since we're also a bunch of folks who got together to do some good, please be patient as we work to print and ship thousands of tees to you (it takes a lot of effort and some time!)

As much of the profits as we can arrange will go to wildfire relief minus the actual material cost; fixed costs will be determined once we know how many orders we'll get (as prices of shirts, screenprinting, postage, packaging range by the number in the order), but we've sourced the cheapest but high-quality materials we can find and are continuing to look for companies to donate in order to maximize the ongoing donation.

All of our ongoing time, web hosting, design, social media responses, food runs, in-house dance parties and time to respond to all of your emails are DONATED by a bunch of people who have full time jobs. As in, we are not funded by any of your money. As in, we're not getting much free time or sleep around here (and we're more than happy to do it while we keep our businesses a-runnin!) So thanks or your patience on that front. We're as blown away as you are.

To see some of the press we've received, take a look at our Spreading the Word page.

Who are you?

We’re a bunch of designers, marketers, web developers, printers, and artists who were devastated to watch fires burn our beautiful state. We’ve helped where we could, but wanted to do something more than our individual efforts could accomplish.

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Where do the profits/proceeds go?

All of our time, designs, and efforts are donated so that 100% of our profits go to support victims of Colorado wildfires or to other emergency relief funds throughout the state depending on the need at that time.

How do I know that all profits are really going to where you've said?

In short, because we're not thieves. We're residents, business owners, and caring citizens who aren't in this to profit AT ALL.

What do you mean by 100% profits -- is that the same as proceeds?

Well, to us, they mean the same thing. We've used the word proceeds to mean everything we make that doesn't go directly to materials to make the goods you're buying. However, in order to remove any confusion about what we mean, we've changed our wording to 100% profits. Our model has NOT changed, it still means that the only money we're not giving directly to charity is to cover the cost of the actual materials to make and ship the shirts themselves: shirts, ink, screens, envelope, postage.

Our time, designs, effort, web hosting, etc. is ALL donated. If anyone is interested in donating any materials we need, we'd love that so we can give more money to where it needs to go.

I have a brilliant idea for ______________________. Can you do this?

Most likely the answer is no. We're pretty t-shirt and print-focused right now, but we love seeing/hearing ideas for our shop. We plan on being around for awhile in some form or another, and we'll contact you if we're interested. Truly, thanks. We love our awesome community.

You didn't answer my question. How do I get in touch with you?

Go to our Contact page, and submit a General Inquiry. Since we have only so many hands and hours to work, we'll answer all requests that you send us personally, usually within 24-48 hours; however, it helps us if you can read the General and Order FAQs on our web page. Many, many answers can be found there.

If you get a general answer, know that we like you, appreciate your support, but either only have a general answer for you or don't have the time to answer as extensively as we'd love to on each email. It is our goal to get you as personal service as we can, and we're determined to get you an answer if you have a question!

I just wanted to tell you good job. How do I do that? (Seriously, we get this question and it rocks!)

Well, thanks! Tell us on our Facebook page here. It's the best way to give a virtual high-five to our team.