Questions on Orders

Please read the ORDER FAQs (below) and our RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY. Your answer is probably in there. If not, then complete an Order Inquiry and our fulfillment team will get back to you as soon as possible. We can typically respond within 1-2 business days, except over holidays and weekends.

Keep in mind that this is a charitable endeavor run by volunteers and people with day jobs, and our goal is to help — we just may not be able to do what you ask.

For our Returns and Exchanges policy, click HERE

What shipping method do you use?

We ship via USPS, so PO boxes are NO problem!

Can you ship overseas or to APO/AE addresses?

Absolutely! For APO/AE addresses you should be able to select United States as your country, and continue from there. If you're having troubles, let us know.

I'm having technical issues trying to buy a shirt (e.g. can't see my cart, won't accept my credit card, etc.) What should I do?

Depends on your error. You may be having an issue with the Big Cartel site (where our site is hosted) or Stripe (who we use for transactions). We will post solutions to known errors here and on our Facebook page, but here are some general solutions:

- Try again. (Sometimes the websites are getting overwhelmed and need a minute.)

- Clear out your cache, and try again.

- Wag your finger at the screen and give the internet a stern talking to.

If you're still having trouble, contact Big Cartel or Stripe (depending on your issue), because we can only fix the problems we're causing, and right now there are no patterns of issues, so sadly there's not much we can do for you.

Oops, I have a different address and need to change my order.

It happens. We'd love for your tees to get to the right place. Send us an order inquiry on the above form, and give us all of the information you can. If this is done before your order is shipped, we should be fine. If it's done after your order is shipped, bummer. Hopefully they'll follow your change of address form your tees find their way to your door! If not, we might not be able to help you.

Oops, I paid with the wrong credit card. Can I change my order?

That's lame — sorry we can't help you with this! We can't do returns (which is how this would have to be processed), so however you paid on Stripe is the way it goes through.

I ordered two different orders -- can/will they get shipped together?

Wouldn't that make life easier? We will do our best to get the orders combined, but, hey - if we don't catch it, it'll be like Christmas every time you get a pretty little package on your door!

Can I just pick up my shirt locally? It'll save you on shipping!

You are right, it would. However, with the popularity of our tees for wildfire victims (thanks for that, by the way), we're partnering with US Recognition in Lakewood, CO for all of our printing/fulfillment, and mailing is the easiest way to ensure things get to you. But, please say hi if you see us around!

If we've let you know that your shirt has shipped and you haven't received your shirt yet (and you should have), submit an order inquiry form here.

I got the wrong order. What do I do?

If what you receive is not the same as what is on your order sheet, fill out an Order Inquiry and we'll make it right. Don't email us as your question won't get to us — it will go into the internet black hole instead of getting to our fulfillment company who CAN help you.